As same gantry cranes double girder, The single girder special design will not only save weight in the range of the crane girder, but also at the pillars. Unlike other designs, our single girder gantry cranes require only two supporting pillars. At the lower section, the pillars are shaped square and parallel to the crane track to protect the crane against lateral buckling. At the top of the crane however, the pillars are square and parallel to the main girders to increase the stability in the direction of the main girders. The results of these exceptional characteristics are high stability in all directions with a low dead weight in contrast to conventional systems. The girder also avoids water deposits on the crane and protects the steel structure against rust. The aerodynamically favorable properties of the girder and the pillars prevent the drive units from damage by reducing the wind loads. Because of these properties our gantry cranes are best suitable for outdoor operations. By means of the modular system our gantry cranes are specially designed according to your requirements.

Our innovative double girder gantry cranes use the stable special girder not only for the crane girders, but also for the pillars. Round shapes and durable constructions are characteristic for our gantry cranes in patented design. In addition to weight savings and the high stability, it also provides good aerodynamic characteristics and prevents the girders from corrosion by water or dirt sedimentation. These properties make our double girder gantry cranes best suitable for outdoor operations.