The tracker is the modern economical answer to material handling where building design and cost make a standard crane and runway prohibitive. The tracker operates with one leg forced to an end track equipped with guided steel wheels running on a square bar rail elevated 1 1/2" on steel supports that are bolted to the floor. This allows power, water, or airlines to pass under the rail. The other leg is equipped with high durability urethane covered flat tread wheels which run directly on the flat concrete floor with no guidance system. The tracker is easily installed on any smooth concrete floor and the floor track, on one side, is readily removable or expandable should you wish to move the system to another location. More than one tracker can be placed on the same track with ease.

Installation of the tracker is simple, with it's pre-engineered kit design, the tracker is bolted and pre-wired electrical connections make it easy to assemble. If you don't feel confident assembling the tracker yourself, CFC is fully equipped to do the job economically for you.

The tracker is available in full and Semi-Gantry design with capabilities of one to 100 tonnes. Standard spans up to 50 meter and lifts up to 12 m with single or double girder.